Tango Trios for Strings

The flirtatious and provocative musical moods of these 23 tangos are mixed with a generous dose of melancholia. Each trio part includes luxurious melodies, quirky rhythms, and supportive harmonies. Take your time with these musical excursions, and enjoy the cruise!

Build a trio by selecting an A part, a B part, and a C part
in the clef that each musician prefers...

Violin (treble clef), Viola (viola clef), or Cello (bass clef)

- or -

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Tunes in this Collection...
“Acapella in Alcapulco” by Greenblatt & Seay
“Always Listening” by Greenblatt
“Anoranzas” by Santos
“Banana Boy” by Greenblatt
“Bar 5” by Greenblatt
“Bolada de Aficionado” by Villoldo
“The Day the Rain Stopped” by Greenblatt & Seay
“Don Julio” by Sagreras
“El Choclo” by Villoldo
“Estragadao” by Ricardo
“Fixin’ The Furnace” by Greenblatt & Seay
“Floraux” by Nazareth
“Infeliz” by Santos
“Just In Case” by Greenblat & Seay
“La Paloma” by Yradier
“Lines and Spaces” by Greenblatt & Seay
“Mio Amore” by Caslar
“Poppy” by Tilzer
“Por Uña Cabeza” by Gardel
“Quack Off” by Greenblatt & Seay
“Tango Sevillano” by Nogueras
“Who’ll Volunteer” by Greenblatt & Seay
“Y...Como Le Va?” by Valverde

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