Arrangements by Deborah Greenblatt

Cello parts are featured in our
Duets for Strings, Trios for Strings, String Quartets and String Quintets collections.

Tunes for Two

The arrangements in all of the “Tunes for Two” collections
have the melody on the top stave so that they can be played without a second player.

Barn Dance Fiddle Tunes for Two *
Blues Fiddle Tunes for Two
Busking Fiddle Tunes for Two
Canadian Fiddle Tunes for Two
Celtic Fiddler’s Songbook for Two
Celtic Sampler for Two
Classical Tunes, Vols. 1-3 for Two
Czech Fiddle Tunes for Two
Danish Fiddle Tunes for Two
Easy Animal Fiddling Tunes for Two
Finnish Fiddle Tunes for Two
Gardening Fiddling Tunes for Two
Gow Family Scottish Tunes for Two
Holiday Tunes for Two
Hungarian Fiddle Tunes for Two
Irish Fiddle Tunes for Two *
Klezmer Fiddle Tunes for Two *
Mexican Fiddle Tunes for Two
Norwegian Fiddle Tunes for Two
O’Carolan Fiddle Tunes for Two
Polish Fiddle Tunes for Two
Ragtime Fiddling Tunes for Two
Renaissance Fiddling Tunes for Two *
Russian Fiddle Tunes for Two
Scandinavian Sampler for Two
Scottish Fiddle Tunes for Two *
Singing Fiddling Tunes for Two
Singing Cowboy Fiddling Tunes for Two
Singing Sailing Fiddling Tunes for Two
Skinner Tunes for Two
Swedish Fiddle Tunes for Two
Telemann Sonatas for Two
Train Songs for Two
Wedding Fiddling Tunes for Two*
Welsh Fiddle Tunes for Two

* = Companion CD available

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Trios for Strings

From the available part books in this series
you can build a trio with each of the three parts in
treble clef, viola clef, or bass clef.

Background Trios for Strings, Vol. 1
Background Trios for Strings, Vol. 2
Baroque Trios for Strings
Canons for Three
Celtic Trios for Strings
Classical Trios for Strings
Classic Waltz Trios for Strings
Dancing Fiddle Tune Trios for Strings
Irish Trios for Strings
Klezmer Trios for Strings
Madrigal Trios for Strings
Mozart Trios for Strings
Polka Trios for Strings
Processionals & Marches for String Trio
Ragtime Trios for Strings
Renaissance Trios for Strings
Romantic Trios for Strings
Scandinavian Trios for Strings
Tango Trios for Strings
Wedding Trios for Strings

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String Quartets and Quintets

Individual part books for Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, and Cello.
Some of these collections have optional Bass Part Books available
so they can be played by a String Quartet or a String Quintet.

Alexander’s Feast by Handel *
Alice Johnson’s Jig for Singing String Orchestra *
Canons for Four
Danseyre by Susato
Fairy Queen by Purcell *
Irish String Quartets
Jewish String Quartets
Lumbye String Collection *
Madrigal Strings Quartets
Overtures for Strings *
Practice, Practice, Practice for Singing String Orchestra *
Processionals & Marches for String Quartet
Polka String Quartets
Ragtime String Collection *
Renaissance String Quartets
String Quartet Collection
String Quartets for All Seasons: Spring
String Quartets for All Seasons: Summer
String Quartets for All Seasons: Autumn
String Quartets for All Seasons: Winter
Swedish String Quartets
Tango String Quartets
The Water Music by Handel

* = Bass part books available

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Other Cello Collections

Cello Player’s Rounds
    (no guitar chords)
Cello Fiddling Tune Book
    (duets in score form)
Easy Melodies for One String for Cello
    (no guitar chords)

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